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What are the features of ASRS system?

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If you don’t know, ASRS is a way for facilities to maximize storage warehouse space while reducing personnel and increasing efficiency, and many industries today need to take advantage of them. So why use ASRS instead of traditional people and equipment? What are the characteristics of the Automatic Storage and Retrieval System system?

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Benefits of the ASRS system

1.Compact footprint-ASRS technology provides highly dense storage and can save up to 85% of floor space occupied by shelves.

2. Reduced labor requirements – ASRS systems require 60% less labor than manual shelves.

3. Improve Picking Accuracy – Automated ASRS uses picking lightweight technology to guide the operator to the exact location of the stored items, thereby achieving 99.9% picking accuracy.

4. Increased throughput AS –Automatic Storage and Retrieval System allows you to select products faster to keep up with customer needs. Better inventory control – ASRS solutions can manage inventory, so you always know what you have, and more importantly, where it is.

5. Improved safety and ergonomics-ASRS technology creates a safe and ergonomic work environment for employees.

Common ASRS system applications

1.Storage: Provides high-density storage parts and components used in manufacturing

2. Order picking: Provide compact, fast and reliable access to the items needed for distribution, and bring the stored items to the operator through software integration support to quickly complete the order

3. Boxing: Manage the process of receiving inventory, grouping (boxing) parts for assembling and storing kits until needed

4. Order consolidation: Provide a compact solution to temporarily hold incomplete orders to wait for other items to ship

5. Buffering: Highly dense storage solutions for inventory or process buffering

6. Assembly: Stored in work or sub-assembly for later use

7. Tools, molds and dies: Ergonomics and safe handling of heavy tools (usually expensive tools) required for automated production processes

8. Maintenance and repair parts: Provide compact maintenance parts storage on site to reduce downtime

9. Replenishment and returns: Manage inventory for replenishment and return processes

10. Climate Control and clean room environment: Provide cold, clean and dry management of storage

AS/RS cost factor

As with almost all warehouse automation technologies, the ultimate cost of an automated storage and retrieval system can vary from operation to operation, and even from industry to industry. To clearly understand the cost of implementing AS / RS in your operations, the most reliable method is to ask a knowledgeable and trusted system integrator for consultation. Having said that, by understanding the different factors that usually affect the final investment cost, you can estimate where the new system will fall in cost range. Here are the seven most important cost factors for AS / RS you should consider:

1. Available net height in device

2. Type of implementation environment (environment, refrigeration, freezer, clean room, etc.)

3. The size (cube) of the load to be processed plus (and mass)

4. Weight per piece

5. Appropriate inbound and outbound systems can move inventory to and from the system

6. Is the facility a steel or rack support

7. Current labor cost and labor quantity

Is AS / RS right for your operation?

Whether your AS / RS technology makes sense in your operations depends largely on the specifics of your personal business. Your business cycle, operating goals, growth level, and available investment capital will all affect your ability to implement the system. It is best to contact a warehouse design consultant or system integrator to help determine AS / RS makes sense to you. If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then implementing automatic storage and retrieval may be a wise move for you:

1. Do you need to increase operational throughput?

2. Is your labor cost increasing?

3. Are you having difficulty recruiting vacant positions?

4. Is retaining a qualified worker a challenge?

5. Is your facility running out of space?

6. Do you need better inventory control?

7. Do you have an ergonomic question or problem?

Although the AS / RS system has many advantages, you should have a comprehensive knowledge of the ASRS system, including reliable suppliers, before deciding to apply such a system in a factory. If you are looking for a company that will take the time to understand your personal business needs, products, future growth plans and space requirements, Wap Intelligence Storage Equipment (Shanghai) Corp., Ltd. will be a wise choice.

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