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What are the features of the radio shuttle racking in WAP?

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The radio shuttle racking system is a high-density storage system consisting of storage racking, shuttle carts and forklifts. Since the advent of the shuttle rack, it has been favored by many customers. Why are more and more customers choosing the radio shuttle rack system? What are the characteristics of the radio shuttle racking system?

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Features of radio shuttle rackings

1.Floor area ratio: In a warehouse of the same area, the floor area ratio of ordinary rackings is 34%, while the floor area ratio of shuttle rackings is as high as 75%. The volume ratio of the radio shuttle racking is twice that of the ordinary rack.

2. Access method. Ordinary pallet racks can only meet the first method of first out or back out, while the radio shuttle racking can realize two access methods. Therefore, it is more suitable for industries that require large amounts of food, medicine and hygiene products.

3. Effectiveness: Compared with ordinary rackings, radio shuttle racking do not need to enter and store goods on the rackings, and can be operated at the same time with workers, which greatly reduces the waiting time for operations. Operating multiple shuttles greatly improves work efficiency.

4. Safety: The space shuttle’s rack structure is very stable. In addition, the shuttle can enter the goods in the rackings. The forklift only needs to be operated from the outside to avoid collision between the forklift and the racking, thus ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

5. Return on investment: initial investment is higher than ordinary rackings. However, during the later use period, the personnel cost and equipment maintenance cost of the radio shuttle racking are much lower than those of ordinary rackings. Therefore, in order to pursue long-term benefits, the shuttle bus rack must be the best choice.

6. The radio shuttle racking is equipped with many sensors that can detect pallets and obstacles. When the sensor detects an obstacle in the path, the shuttle will stop and issue an alert to notify the user of the problem. The car also contains resistance sensors. When the pallets are stored together, the car will detect when the two pallets are in contact and release the pallet gracefully.

How does the radio shuttle rack work?

1.The core of the advanced radio shuttle racking system is the Radio Shuttle Car. The low car is designed to facilitate passing under the pallet.

2. The pallets are stored on specially designed pallet racks, which are equipped with rails and tracks to accommodate radio shuttle racking.

3. When the car reaches the required pallet, a platform is raised to support the pallet and raise it a few inches. The shuttle then transports the pallets smoothly to the front of the racking system for easy pallet removal.

4. The shuttle is battery-powered and can help reduce emissions in the warehouse. The storage system is equipped with a battery, a charger and a remote control.

Is the radio shuttle racking safe?

In order to retrieve the pallets stored in the middle of the drive-in radio shuttle racking system, the forklift operator must press down the long and narrow racking aisle, lift the pallet, and then return from the long and narrow racking aisle. Have you ever seen what happens when a forklift operator makes a mistake and accidentally hits a pallet rack? The whole warehouse can fall down and people can be seriously injured or killed. Forklift operators may make some simple mistakes even when using ordinary aisles. As they penetrate the rack system, the risk of accidents increases. The risk is further increased because users are most likely to make mistakes when they go deep inside the rack system. In the event of an accident, this puts the operator at even greater risk-they will be buried deeply in the collapsed rack system. Using a radio shuttle system can greatly reduce these risks. Forklift operators can retrieve pallets without driving down narrow aisles. Forklift trucks are located in the most familiar and comfortable common aisle of operators. In the event of a racking event, employees will not go deep into the racking system.

As long as there are enterprises and factories, storage is needed, so the industry prospect of storage rackings is very good. Radio shuttle rackings can increase the utilization of warehouse space by more than 80%, bringing new storage options to customers. With the development of the economy, the convenience of warehousing and the intelligence requirements of various industries are becoming higher and higher. If you are looking for a supplier of radio shuttle rackings that can provide you with high quality products at reasonable prices,Wap Intelligence Storage Equipment (Shanghai) Corp., Ltd. will be a wise choice.

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