What are Warehouse Storage Solutions For Chemical Industrial Products?

Chemical storage materials (powder, solid, liquid) storage unit forms / containers are diverse: irregular bags (tons of bags, nylon bags), liquid drums (barrels and small barrels), boxes, boxes and so on, warehousing with what types of racks to store can solve the convenient access to warehouses, reasonable use of storage space is our rack layout Design the company’s work.

Heavy-duty racks are characterized by simple structure, the use of assembly structure, the use of high-quality steel customization, heavy racks each layer of the overload of more than 500 kg, the name of heavy-duty racks will be derived from this. But the density of storage is relatively low. Such characteristics, in agricultural products bagged chemical products. Chemical products packed in boxes, etc., more suitable for the use of heavy racks.

The use of heavy-duty racks is first intensive packaging of the products are placed with pallets, and then by forklifts and other tools on heavy-duty racks operation. Heavy-duty racks generally have two units per floor. Rack height is generally less than 12 meters, more convenient operation of other storage equipment. The surface of heavy racks is treated by electrostatic spraying, and has certain performance in waterproofing and corrosion prevention.

Drive in rack is also an efficient traditional rack type. The drive in rack can be seen as a heavy rack that goes to the beam. It has more cargo space for each floor than heavy duty rack. Forklift or unmanned vehicle can be put into the rack for operation. This rack is suitable for products with large volume and less specifications. In many chemical products, such as box packaged products, small packaged chemical products, special chemical products requiring cold storage environment, etc., with the support of through racks, can carry out efficient warehousing operations. But the stability of the through rack is relatively low, and it is not suitable to build too high.

The racks used in chemical materials warehouse may choose different types of racks according to actual situation. What kind of racks are used in the chemical material warehouse needs to consider the factors such as the building structure of the warehouse and the materials placed.

Radio Shuttle rack system is a high-density storage system composed of racks, trolleys and forklifts. This high-efficiency storage mode is to improve the utilization of warehouse space and bring new storage options for customers! The characteristics of shuttle racks are: high density storage, high warehouse utilization. The efficiency is high and the waiting time is greatly reduced. The mode of operation is flexible, and the way of accessing goods can be first in, first out, or advanced. The safety coefficient is high, reducing the collision between the rack and forklift truck, and improving the safety productivity. The demand for lighting is relatively low, compared with other types of racks, the overall investment is less. In recent years, a single industrial warehousing warehouse has been widely praised.

There are many kinds of chemical materials with complicated models and specifications, including general engineering materials and materials with special properties and special uses for chemical plants. Chemical materials should not only have the properties of general engineering materials, but also have excellent corrosion resistance. According to different uses and use conditions, chemical materials are sometimes required to have high or low temperature resistance, heat conduction or insulation and other special properties. Chemical materials are divided into metal materials and non-metallic materials. Non-metallic materials mainly include plastic, rubber, glass, ceramics, enamel, impermeable graphite and so on. With the development of the chemical industry, the demand for chemical materials is also rising. Resulting in the demand for chemical materials warehouse racks continues to climb.

Chemical warehouse is not only the above several types of racks, the actual use of what racks to consider the above mentioned warehouse building structure, placed materials and other factors. Pallet rack is the main types of storage racks for chemical materials. There are many kinds of items and specifications, and the pallet rack of chemical material warehouse with complex models and specifications are the ideal choice. The biggest advantage of pallet rack is easy to access goods, do not follow the first-in, first-out or first-in, second-out, many enterprises will choose the chemical materials warehouse pallet rack as the main rack storage. If field visits are needed, the rack implementation plan will be made.


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