What is high density storage system of radio shuttle racking system

Radio shuttle racking and Pallet runner is constructed similar as drive-in racking and push-back racking with compactor moving automatically on the guide rails picking or loading pallets. Compared with drive-in racking, Radio shuttle system would be more stable and high efficient, and compared with push-back racking, this system would be much safe without leaning degree. So Radio shuttle racking system is named as safe, easy operation and high efficiency, and would be more suitable for cold storage warehouse.
Pallet runner, is also called “radio shuttle cart”, “pallet mole”, “radio shuttler”, our WAP company is first original manufacturer of radio shuttle racking and pallet runners in China since 2006 year, and our radio shuttle racking and pallet moles are certificated as CE standard by SGS several times.

Upright Frames: WAP also use killed steel for upright to meet with requests of low temperature.
Compactors: max 1500kg loading, work in warehouse of -30~40, speed to 0.8m/s with four 12V 26Ah batteries,mading with high tensile steel for durable usage,easily disassembled for maintenance or exchanging batteries.
Connect Beams: Support guide rails with special brackets.
Support guide rails: zinc-coated steel by rolling machines to support compactor and pallets, also provides flow routes for compactor. More important, zinc-coated rails would never pollute the compactor wheels with smooth flow and low noise.


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