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What is the application area of radio shuttle racking?

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What are the applications of radio shuttle rackings? Why is the radio shuttle shelf favored by the market? How should radio shuttle racks be used properly to be safe and efficient?

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How does the radio shuttle rack work?

The radio shuttle rack is a self-powered pallet handling device that can run on a track in a storage aisle in a specially designed rack structure for loading and unloading pallets. The radio shuttle racking consists of programmable mobile carriages that can be transported between racks (by traditional forklifts) and a specially designed rack structure, thus optimizing employee working hours. For example, a forklift driver wants to retrieve multiple pallets from a particular lane. To do this, he places the radio shuttle (in place) on the driveway and issues the appropriate commands via the included remote control. The radio shuttle is then assigned on the upper and lower lanes without any further intervention, giving the driver the opportunity to perform other tasks. As a result, the number of operators required remains limited. If the demand in the warehouse increases within a certain period of time, thereby increasing the turnaround time, you only need to introduce more radio shuttles.

The radio shuttle racking system consists of rackings, shuttle cars, and forklifts. The forklifts can be used to place shuttles in different lanes. Multiple lanes can share a shuttle car. When stocking, the forklift will transport the shuttle to different rack rails, and place the pallet goods on the shuttle cart at the forefront of the aisle guideway of the rack. The shuttle car will easily run on the guide rail according to the radio remote control of the inventory operation instructions. When picking up, the shuttle truck moves the palletized goods deep in the racking to the front of the racking according to the pickup instruction, and then removes the palletized goods from the racking with a forklift, which is safe and efficient.

The radio shuttle racking is suitable for large warehouses, especially for large cold storage. The racking system determines parameters based on factors such as warehouse area, types of goods stored, pallet size, shuttles, and other factors. The number of shuttles is determined by the depth of the aisle, the total amount of goods, and the frequency of shipment. And other comprehensive factors. Compared with other types of racking systems, the radio shuttle racking system has greater advantages in terms of warehouse space utilization, cargo storage efficiency, and rack investment costs.


What are the advantages of radio shuttle rackings?

1.Increased number of depth trays: the height of the storage aisle can exceed 40 m; this limitation is imposed by the material handling method used. The radio shuttle racking operates with a minimum gap between two heights, enabling high-density storage. By using sensors, the shuttle can intelligently place cargo, thereby eliminating blank spaces on the storage lane. Therefore, the effective capacity of the warehouse (taking into account the flow of goods into and out of the warehouse) reflects its actual capacity.

2. save time. Reduced loading and unloading time because the operator does not need to work in the lane. The shuttle travels at a speed of 60 m / min. The load increase period is only 3 seconds. With the next command, the shuttle can fill or empty the entire lane. After receiving the “Auto Arrange” command, the pallet shuttle will automatically arrange the pallet loading goods closer to the entrance. This productivity feature is particularly useful for deeper bay aisles, which can further effectively reduce the time it takes to retrieve pallets from a racking.

3. increase productivity. Increased cargo flow into and out of the warehouse. Different from the traditional drive-in system, the reference can be grouped by channel instead of the full channel, which can achieve greater diversification. Optimize operator actions. Product-to-person systems: This is a burden handed over to the operator. When the pallet shuttle executes the command, the operator can collect another pallet for continuous movement.

4. Depending on the temperature and load conditions, the shuttle can operate for up to 8 hours at full load. AGM batteries are easy to access and have a quick connection, allowing them to be quickly replaced without interrupting the operating cycle. In essence, the pallet shuttle can run 24/7. Each Pallet Shuttle comes with 2 batteries + 2 spare batteries. When the other two are used in the tray shuttle, both will be charged. Each battery can be charged for 8 hours and can run for 8 hours.

5. Eliminate errors. The radio shuttle racking system is easy to use and easy to maintain. A single remote control can be used to control each pallet shuttle. Inventory function “automatic inventory”: The shuttle can inventory the number of pallets stored in the aisle.


What are the application fields of radio shuttle rackings?

This radio shuttle racking system is ideal for storing a large number of large items as well as a small number of different items. The radio shuttle racking system combines the advantages of block storage and racking storage.


2. Food production

3. Meat processing

4. Beverage Production and Distribution

5. Cold storage

6. All incoming / incoming rack users.

The radio shuttle racking system has great advantages in terms of the utilization of warehouse space, the efficiency of storage and storage of goods, and the cost of racking investment. Of course, in the selection of the racking system, the enterprise should choose a suitable storage solution according to its own needs, including the characteristics of stored items, logistics requirements, and so on. If you are looking for a supplier that can provide high quality radio shuttle racking system products, Wap Intelligence Storage Equipment (Shanghai) Corp., Ltd. will be a wise choice.

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