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What is the main component of the radio shuttle racking?

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Many people will wonder why the radio shuttle racking system can replace traditional shelves in modern warehouses? What are the main components of a radio shuttle rack? How does the radio shuttle rack work?

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Components of a radio shuttle racking system

radio shuttle racking system is a new generation of high-density storage racking system, which can maximize storage utilization and work efficiency. The radio shuttle racking system is a high-density storage system consisting of shelves, radio shuttles and forklifts; the radio shuttles run on dedicated rails that can be increased or decreased to raise and lower the pallet goods and put them back in place. The space shuttle uses radio remote control, is equipped with battery power, and travels back and forth through four wheels. The radio shuttle racking system is a high-density storage racking system with high investment costs. It is suitable for the storage of high-volume single-type goods in FIFO or FILO. However, there are special requirements on the bottom surface of the tray. Space utilization can reach 80%.

The radio shuttle racking system maintains maximum selectivity and improves your operational efficiency. The radio shuttle racking system is a semi-automatic storage and retrieval system that maximizes the use of warehouse space. The radio shuttle racking system is easy to manage with a remote control, is loaded into stored cargo, and executes commands to load or unload pallets into the driveway. The driveway is loaded into the pallet by a forklift, such as a reach truck or a sit-on forklift. The space utilization and operating efficiency of shuttle shelves are very high, but because shuttles are required, similar to semi-automatic, the input cost of the shelves is relatively high. In order to facilitate the transportation of goods, the shuttle shelves are mainly suitable for a small amount of product storage and the operation of refrigerated shelves. In terms of style and working principle, the radio shuttle racks use straight-through racks. The shelves do not need to provide a special working channel for the forklift when working, while the shuttle shelves use the shuttle to reach the shelves. The shuttle shelf system is mainly a high-density storage system composed of shelves, trolleys (shuttles) and forklifts, which can greatly improve the utilization rate of the warehouse. At the same time, semi-automatic operation can greatly improve work efficiency.


Advantages of radio shuttle rack products

1. Compared with the shelf drive, the forklift does not need to enter the shelf, which has high safety and reduces the risk of shelf collision;

2. Greatly improved the efficiency of entering and leaving the warehouse;

3. High warehouse utilization and high work efficiency, greatly reducing waiting time;

4. Different types of products can take advantage of flexible channels;

5. Compared with in-rack drive or in-rack drive, the structure is more stable and safer;

6. FIFO or FIFO can be implemented;

7. Can be sorted and stocked automatically

8. Radio shuttle works at the same time with forklift, thus greatly improving shelf access efficiency


Why do we need radio shuttle Rackings?

1.Improve bulk warehouse efficiency. By using the radio shuttle racking system, the large-capacity storage area channel can be flexible, the system level can store different SKUs, and easily manage the FIFO. Deep lane storage can be configured as deep as the warehouse, and throughput will be allowed while providing aisles only on the shelves or retrieval side of the storage media. Increased space and reduced labor can greatly increase the overall profitability of bulk or refrigerated warehouse operations.

2. Increase storage capacity. The average ceiling height of the current warehouse is about 20-35. The ability to stack pallets in large areas is limited by clearance and pallet weight. By integrating the radio shuttle racking system, the storage space in the warehouse can be reduced by up to 50%. This option eliminates the need for up to one or two channels. This reduces the need to operate multiple forklifts in one area, thereby greatly reducing labor costs. By using shuttle racks to create a narrower space for cooling, cold storage can reduce energy consumption by more than 60%.

3. Bulk products do not stack well. The variety of lighter packaging, heavier products and bulk items presents challenges in manufacturing and distribution. It used to stack things 3-4 high, but now it can only store 1-2 high, which greatly reduces the overall storage capacity. Pallet shuttle storage can be stored very high and deep. Ideal for super stacks and larger overhangs. The result is increased storage capacity and security while reducing product damage.

4. Excessive forklifts and labor in bulk warehouses. Typically, a warehouse or manufacturing business must handle a large number of products in a storage area through one or more shifts. Flexible floor storage requires multiple forklifts to drive through the aisle and then into rows. This driving and continuous stacking can result in high labor and forklift maintenance costs. The pallet-type shuttle system only requires one shelf or retrieval channel to reduce labor. Can greatly reduce the forklift travel, thereby reducing the amount of labor required for each task.

5. SKU growth for bulk materials. In today’s complex supply chains, SKUs are gaining momentum. As SKUs continue to grow, in order for SKUs to access each other independently, it is necessary to increase the square feet of ground-stacked large-capacity storage areas. By using the radio shuttle racking system, multiple SKUs can be stored and accessed on top of each other in deep storage, and can be accessed from one channel. Compressing multiple SKUs into a smaller footprint can greatly increase storage capacity and improve picking path efficiency in bulk areas. When deciding to implement a semi-automatic deep-lane storage system, consider the current growth of the SKU and plan for it in 2 to 5 years.

Radio shuttle rackings have many advantages that are not available in traditional storage shelves. If you are looking for a supplier that can provide high quality radio shuttle racking system products, Wap Intelligence Storage Equipment (Shanghai) Corp., Ltd. will be a wise choice.

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