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Why is radio shuttle racking important?

Many people in warehouse management consider radio shuttle rack to be a better choice for companies to inventory, pick up, and inspect shelf tracks. Why is the radio shuttle rack better than other rack systems? What is the reason why radio shuttle shelves are popular?

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How does the radio shuttle racking work?

The radio shuttle racking system is a compact storage system in which a motor-driven shuttle cart runs on a track in a storage aisle, replacing a forklift, thereby greatly reducing operating time and enabling items to be aisle-instead of complete Lanes are grouped. By eliminating the need for a forklift to enter a driveway, it increases storage capacity in depth, negligible accident risks and rack damage, optimizes operator movement, and modernizes and makes warehouse operations more flexible. This is the ideal solution for companies with a large number of single pallets and frequent loading and unloading activities.

The shuttle cart travels under the pallet, then lifts the pallet goods from the pallet rails and transports them back and forth within the shuttle system as instructed. The radio shuttle rack device is mechanically propelled by radio remote control, ensuring high reliability and low energy consumption. So you might ask: What are the advantages of this semi-automatic storage rack system over traditional airborne rack systems? The advantage is that it eliminates the cost of the forklift driver, the reach truck and the damage caused by mishandling of the cargo. It is also a good alternative to the Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) because it is relatively more affordable. However, if required, the shuttle rack can also be used in conjunction with the ASRS system.


Quality management of radio shuttle shelves

1. The quality management process is standardized, quantified and traceable.

2. Choose raw material suppliers carefully. The selected Q235 rolled steel strip has been tested and its physical properties must meet our internal standards.

3. The material thickness must be within the specified tolerances.

4. Samples of each batch of raw materials are stored for 5 years to ensure quality traceability.

5. Each batch of raw materials was tested for tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation at break. Test reports are stored in our quality inspection system and are traceable. The batch sampling rate has increased from 50% to 100%.

6. Hire only experienced workers and operators, followed by in-house professional training.

7. Each production process is guided by our technical department.

8. Quality assurance is integrated into every production process. Only qualified products will enter the next process.

9. The maximum load of each of our standard products was tested, supplemented by a random sample load test of the finished product.

10. Load test of non-standard products for each batch.


What are the reasons for choosing a radio shuttle rack?

1.The capacity of the radio shuttle racking is twice that of ordinary shelves. In the same warehouse, the volume ratio of ordinary shelves is 34%, the volume ratio of shuttle shelves is as high as 75%, and the volume ratio of shuttle shelves is twice that of ordinary shelves.

2. The access mode of the radio shuttle racking system is more than that of other racks. Ordinary vertical pipeline storage racks can only meet the first-in-first-out or advanced single-aisle, while the radio shuttle rack can reach two kinds of aisles. It is more suitable for food, medicine and other industries with high demand for access.

3. The efficiency of the radio shuttle racking is higher than the ordinary rack. Compared with ordinary shelves, the forklift of the shuttle truck does not need to enter the goods in the shelves. Workers can operate multiple trucks at the same time, which greatly reduces the waiting time for work and greatly improves the work efficiency.

4. The shuttle frame is more secure than ordinary shelves. The shuttle has a very stable shelf structure; in addition, the shuttle bus can enter the goods in the pallet rack. The forklift only needs to be operated from the outside to avoid collision between the forklift and the metal storage rack, thereby ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

5. The radio shuttle racking system is more valuable than a pallet rack. The shuttle car rack is higher than the ordinary rack, but in the later stage of use, the cost of the shuttle and the maintenance cost of the equipment are much lower than the ordinary rack. Therefore, from the perspective of pursuing long-term interests, pallet shuttle shelves will be a better choice.

6. Highly scalable. By adding additional pallet shuttles, you can increase pallet storage and retrieval rates.

7. Ultra-compact storage space. 100% of available space is optimized. This warehouse automated storage rack system can make full use of limited space and forklifts.

8. Save time and costs. Forklift trucks no longer need to enter the shelves-reducing labor and material handling costs; eliminating damage to stored goods; increasing throughput. In turn, the time and money saved from this investment brings more profits to the company.

Now many customers are not using traditional storage shelves, and have begun to invest in intelligent storage systems in the warehouse. The more customers use it, the greater the benefits of the promotion and development of the radio shuttle racking, so now the intelligent storage system on the market has become more and more complete. If you are looking for a supplier of radio shuttle shelves that can provide you with high quality products at reasonable prices, Wap Intelligence Storage Equipment (Shanghai) Corp., Ltd. will be a wise choice.

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