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Category:Foods & Beverage 340

Project Scale: 

Warehouse Area: 20,000㎡
Rack Height: 9m
Storage Capacity: 64,740 pallets

Project Overview: 

Yinlu started its food businesses in 1985 and specialized in the production and sale of canned foods and beverages. After years of development, Yinlu has become one of the top 10 players in the canned food and beverage industry of China and one of the leading enterprises in the industrialization of agriculture in China.

Customer Requirements: 

The customer wishes to increase the level of warehousing logistics, improve work efficiency, and achieve clear classification and easy access to goods. Pallet transport may be considered.

WAP Solution:

Considering the requirements of Shandong Yinlu project, WAP recommends the application of shuttle rack storage system. Semi-automatic storage mode greatly improved work efficiency, and FIFO operating mode is suitable for enterprise dense storage management, which can save space, maximize warehouse capacity, and reduce the safety hazards caused by manual operations.
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