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Zhejiang Xiangqing Spring Water Co., Ltd.

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Project Scale: 

Warehouse Area: 48m (W)*72m (L)

Rack Height: 8.7m

Storage Capacity: 5,110 Pallets

Warehouse Environment: Normal temperature

Shuttles: 8 shuttle carriers and 5 radio shuttles


Project Overview: 

Zhejiang Xiangqing Spring Water Co., Ltd. was registered and established on January 2, 2003 in Chun’an Market Supervision and Administration. The company’s business scope includes production, processing and sales of bottled (barrelled) drinking water (other drinking water).


Customer Requirements: 

For the purpose of efficient operation and future development of warehousing and logistics, the customer’s design proposal requires a warehousing and distribution management system operated by intelligent robots, so that the entire production process can be seamlessly integrated for safe and efficient production. The logistics system mainly consists of a set of automated shuttle ASRS warehouse system. The warehouse area is about 5,000 ㎡, the projected area of shuttle rack storage area is about 2,900 ㎡, the height of goods in the warehouse is 10.1m, and the rack height is about 8.5m. The dense storage system featuring “pallet lifter + carrier and radio shuttle” is adopted. There are 5,110 effective pallet positions for the whole project. The channel depth is 10-15 pallet deep. The size of each pallet is 1250×1250×1950mm. The four-way plastic pallets with a rated load of 1600kg are employed. The warehouse provides water-free environment at room temperature, and net height is 10.8m.


WAP Solution:

According to the demand, WAP planned for 5110 pallet positions, 8 shuttle carriers, 5 radio shuttles, 4 lifts and intelligent RGVs to handle production line and storage port placed at the end of the finished product/storage line. The intelligent RGV handling system consists of 3 units and an automated charging station. Through the equipment mentioned above, the finished warehouse can meet storage capacity of 192 pallets/hour. At the same time, it includes WMS, WCS and intelligent RGV control software for production line and storage port handling, strengthening warehouse data control and management. The trapezoidal area in the lower right corner of the warehouse was designed to store auxiliary packaging and empty pallets to be used for turnover; the automatic loading equipment is adopted at the shipping bay, products are automatically transferred to the loading equipment through the conveying lines, greatly reducing labor cost and improving working efficiency.
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