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  • Project Scale:

Warehouse area (mezzanine): 16,844m2
Warehouse area (steel platform): 14,911m2
13,000m2 steel platform, high-speed sorter


  • Project Overview:

Vipshop (NYSE: VIPS) was established in 2008  It created an innovative e-commerce model in China [15], namely “brand discount sales + flash sale + genuine guarantee”, which has been deepen into a genuine fashion sales model featuring “selected brands + deep discount + flash sale”[15-16]. Vipshop is dedicated to on-line sales of clothing & shoes, beauty, maternal and baby products, home supplies and other famous products.


  • Customer Requirements:

B2C business requires maximized space utilization and faster delivery.


  • WAP Solution:

Through repeated discussions with the customer and drawing on the experience of similar E-commerce companies such as JD, WAP designed the mezzanine and provided conveyor lines to meet the customer requirements. Steel platform was installed subsequently so that storage is available under the platform and sorting is available above the platform.