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Liby Group

Project Scale: 

Warehouse Area: Approx. 12,848 ㎡
Rack Height: 6.8m
Storage Capacity: 12,792 pallets
Channels: 6


Project Overview: 

Guangzhou Liby Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Libai”) is a Guangzhou based leading domestic chemical company founded in 1994. The company is mainly engaged in the household chemicals, with a marketing network covering all provinces (autonomous regions) and municipalities. 


Customer Requirements: 

The overall design should be completed in accordance with its existing warehouse standards.
Single pallet: 1000W*1200D*1800H*1500kg/pallet; a large number of SKUs with each SKU containing a small quantity of goods; warehouse height of 7.2M; push-back rack, 3-storeys including the floor, 3 to 4 pallets deep.


WAP Solution:

Since the beam’s bearing and the shape of guiding rails deviate from the production standards of WAP. This project has been labeled as “special” from the beginning, it required a lot of theoretical calculations and data simulations by technical department.
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