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Hubei Xingfa Group – Hubei Shengtai Chemical

Project Scale: 

Warehouse area (mezzanine):   410 ㎡, 2-storeys
Warehouse area (steel platform):  1,540 ㎡, 3-storeys
Storage capacity: 12-storeys mezzanine, totaling 10,780 m³

                            2-storeys steel platform, totaling 410 m³


Project Overview: 

Established in 1994, Hubei Xingfa Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of Wang Zhaojun (Concubine Ming of Han Dynasty), Xingshan County, Yichang City, Hubei Province. It is a listed company that is specialized in the development, production and sales of phosphorus and refined chemical products.


Customer Requirements: 

The warehouse is mainly used to stock spare parts, rolls of cables and scattered goods


WAP Solution:

Planning mezzanine racks and steel platforms to increase warehouse utilization.