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How long would we suggest to make maintenance for the storage racks

Regarding the request rules of the safety inspection period for the storage racks, there are different rules in different countries or regions.

In our WAP, we suggest and recommend to follow up as the rules of European Standards EN15635 (Steel static storage systems – Application and maintenance of storage equipment), and make a maintenance period of 12 months.

Our WAP warehouse inspection services give storage facility operators the opportunity to improve warehouse facility safety, capacity and efficiency, WAP uses state-of-the-art software and technology to map warehouse facilities.

Warehouse Inspection components require periodic testing to ensure that performance and safety levels are not compromised by wear and environmental factors.  We test and measure all components within a warehouse system; checking rust, mechanical damage, and metal fatigue.

A warehouse inspection consists of:

  • Structural integrity analysis
  • Material strength analysis
  • Engineering assessments
  • Warehouse layout analysis
  • Ground or Floor surface inspections
  • Operation procedure analysis
  • Third party supplier controls analysis

We further specialize in post-incident warehouse inspections, and our highly-skilled consultants can spec your warehouse with components, racking strengths and layouts required to meet your particular needs.

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