Several important factors affecting the price of storage racks

  • Types and specifications of storage racks

    The price of different kinds of storage racks must be different, for example, the heavy rack price must be higher than the medium rack price, because different kinds of storage racks are different in the material, process, installation, transportation and so on. The same type of storage racks, the size and size are different, and the price is certainly not the same. For example, the price of the racks carrying 500KG and carrying 100KG is different, the bigger the load, the larger the materials used, the 2*0.6*2 meters of the same type of storage racks are higher than the 1.5*0.6*2 meters, the larger the size, the more materials are consumed. There are also many customers who are eager to ask how much the price is to continue to talk about. The warehouse does the racks according to the actual situation of the warehouse. The above has just said the origin of the price calculation. If the scheme is not yet designed, where will the price come from?
  • Design and quality of storage racks

    Different storage racks companies have differences in terms of technology and production processes, and the price of their storage racks will also be different. A serious, responsible and professional rack company will consider the actual needs of the customers and the existing equipment of the factory goods, and design a scientific and reasonable storage rack plan for the customers. In the process of production, the production process, the raw materials used, and other different manufacturers are also different before. Storage rack design and product quality are decisive factors affecting prices. When purchasing storage racks, customers should keep a penny and a share of goods, choose professional and regular rack manufacturers, and conduct field trips.
  • Freight for storage racks

    Storage rack transportation is generally the choice of logistics, the closer the distance the lower the freight, but it cannot be identified when the purchase of storage racks must choose from the nearest factory, because the freight tends to account for only a small portion of the total price of storage racks, design and quality is the determinant of storage rack prices.
  • Storage rack delivery and completion period

    If the normal delivery and completion time of the storage rack manufacturers cannot meet the needs of the customers, the customer project is more urgent and hopes to complete the project in a shorter time. Then, if the inevitable project is up, the manufacturer needs to reconfigure all aspects of the resources in order to guarantee the stock exchange and the completion period, and the storage rack price. Nature will also rise.
  • Difficulty in installation of storage racks

    The difficulty of installation is mainly reflected in labor cost and time cost. The installation and completion of some large storage rack items will require higher manpower and time. The simple and small number of storage rack items will cost less labor and time to install.
  • Services provided by rack manufacturers

    Service and no service, general service and quality service, the price will be different.  I believe that most customers are willing to spend more money to get better pre-sale and after-sales service, rather than save a little money for later use and maintenance of hidden dangers.
  • Tax revenue

    The national tax rate is also an important factor in the market price.

The aboves are  the main factor that determines the price of storage racks, and the customers can refer to the storage rack. The most important factors of the storage rack price are the design scheme and the quality of the products.

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